Friday, August 28, 2009

School is in session

Cami and Chloe' started school this week. I hope I survive the first week. You would think that Chloe' would be my big problem, yeah not so much. The first day of school I received not less than 12 calls from Cami and several texts. Tuesday wasn't nearly so bad only 6 calls and several texts. she also thinks college means she can chase around all the time. She she isn't getting "the college experience" by living at home. I told her to get another job and move out and she will think college experience. I think she is thinking that college life should be like Animal house or some stupid college movie like that. I think college life is just trying to survive and end up with a degree not have to go back years later like me.

On the Chloe' note she did go to the wrong 6th period for two days. Thank goodness it is Friday.

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