Friday, August 28, 2009

School is in session

Cami and Chloe' started school this week. I hope I survive the first week. You would think that Chloe' would be my big problem, yeah not so much. The first day of school I received not less than 12 calls from Cami and several texts. Tuesday wasn't nearly so bad only 6 calls and several texts. she also thinks college means she can chase around all the time. She she isn't getting "the college experience" by living at home. I told her to get another job and move out and she will think college experience. I think she is thinking that college life should be like Animal house or some stupid college movie like that. I think college life is just trying to survive and end up with a degree not have to go back years later like me.

On the Chloe' note she did go to the wrong 6th period for two days. Thank goodness it is Friday.

Grandma C

My very dear feisty Grandma Chatterton passed away a couple of weeks ago. Although this was not expected it was still not very easy. It is hard because she was 93 and lived a fantastic life but you still feel bad because she isn't with us anymore.

The funeral was just another family reunion. There were cousins there I had not seen in almost 20 years. How sad is it that we are so busy that we can't visit with our family until there is a funeral. That is just the way she would want it though.

She left a great legacy in the 43 grandchildren, 122 great grandchildren and 20 + great great grandchildren. More than that like someone said we may have other families names but we are all Chatterton. I am definitely a Chatterton women.

Thanks for everything Grandma

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Soccer is never over

Chloe' has really had no summer. She and her friend decided to take a summer Geometry class so they can get ahead(yes really it was her idea). So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday she goes to math from 8am to 2pm. This alone is mind numbing to me 6 hours of Geometry during any time of year. Then she decided to work out with Viewmont High soccer team this summer in hopes of making the team this year. Last week her district team started their practices. So Tuesday she goes to soccer at 7am and then Geometry at 8am then at 7pm she goes to soccer. I don't know where she finds the energy but I wish she would share.

Today she has her first tournament with Viewmont. They picked a few freshmen that have been working out with the team to do this tournament with Viewmont at Weber State University. I have not seen her this nervous ever. I am sure she will do fine.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daniel Craig Record

Last week we lost a dear friend to the family. Danny came into our lives about 5 years ago. Chloe' was adding my space friends to her profile. Danny popped up as a Demolay (boys organization with in the Masonic family). It said that he lived in West Valley. Yes I know what you are thinking, I was dumb and didn't monitor who she added at the time. Chloe' and Danny got talking on my space and then Chloe' introduced Danny to Camilla. Cami and Danny became close, and at one time were boyfriend and girlfriend for several months. As time grew on Cami and Danny became really close friends. We have had Danny and his brothers to our house several times. We have also had his parents to our house.

Cami and Danny were boyfriend and girlfriend when he became ill. After several test they discovered that it was Leukemia. Danny has fought very hard and was in remission for a while. His leukemia came out of remission. Danny had a bone marrow transplant, his brother was a perfect match but the treatment (radiation and Chemo) were too much for his body. Danny passed away on Monday June29. This has been really hard and Cami and Chloe' and I dare say it hasn't been very easy on Jeff and I . We loved Danny and welcomed him into our house like he was one of our own. It makes me stop and think, yes I know he is in a better place and in no pain now it is just painful for the people left behind. I have felt helpless to comfort anyone in my family and anyone else. I also know there is supposed to be a lesson in this but I can't see what it is.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cami's graduating

I have decided that Cami graduating, turning 18 and me turning 40 this year has made me feel very old. I know age is just a state of mind but with all these things happening at the same time It has taken a tole on my mind.
She is graduating on June 4th. The ceremony is at the Dee events center and I am starting to remember my graduation. Remember how long and drawn out they seem to be. I guess it is just practice for when she graduates from law school.
My uncle Jim tried to make me feel better by saying that he had his 40 year class Reunion this year but I don't think it worked.
Well it is what it is and I am just glad she is graduating with honor cords. This is something I never did.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Danger prone Daphanie

I have decided that Camilla is Danger prone Daphne. She injures herself in the weirdest ways. Chloe's injuries are all sports related but Cami does stuff likes slips on ice. The latest is that on Tuesday she slipped on the front steps of our house and fell upstairs. Yes, I did say upstairs, and cracked her head open and hurt her hand. Her hand may be broken but they couldn't see anything yet. She came in the house screaming like someone just cut off her arm or leg. She was bleeding from her head. Head wounds bleed so much. So we got to go to the hospital and spend some quality family time at the emergency room. Of course she does this just as we were getting ready for bed. They super glued her head back together and put her arm in a brace. Now her head is shiny where the super glue is and she has bruises all over and a brace. She said I could convince people that my parents abuse me but I told her not anyone that knows her that well. Everyone that knows her knows she is danger prone Daphne.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I need a weekend from this weekend

This weekend has been one heck of a weekend. It started on Thursday(that is when you know it's bad), Viewmont high has National qualifying tournament this weekend. Jeff and I are working concessions. So Thursday we were there from 2:00 to 10:00. I took Friday off which was a good thing. We started at noon on Friday and I went home at 10:00. Saturday we had to be there before 7:30AM.

Normally I don't like to judge because these kids are amazing and I feel nervous that I am making the wrong decisions, but they came and got me at 4:00 PM and said they needed me to Judge because I was one of the only ones who hadn't seen or judged the group they needed. So I got done with that and then they needed me again for a final round. I was very nervous because that round would decide who would go back to nationals and who wouldn't. These kids work so hard and so long on their pieces and their public speaking skills that I think they should all go. Being around these kids makes me feel really dumb. They are debating things like should we be concerned about Russia and Venezuela conducting exercise and doing interp pieces on Judy Garland that sound just like her and no child left behind.

If that wasn't enough Chloe' had one hectic weekend also. She was at a very lat night young women's event and came home Saturday morning at 1:00AM. She got up and helped me in the morning and then I took her to work only to find out they didn't need her so she came back to help out. she had a Jobie event at 2pm which she missed because she had to help while I judged and watched a round. She went home and went to help with props for skit competition in a couple of weeks. She finished up her night with a soccer game. Needless to say she came home, ate and went to bed.

I definitely need a weekend from this weekend!!!